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Build Bridges to Better Coverage: Preparing for Medicare Plan Reviews

Medicare plan reviews are a critical service for both pharmacists and patients, ensuring that individuals receive the most suitable and cost-effective healthcare coverage. These reviews assist patients in selecting the best Medicare plan for their individual healthcare needs, but also enable pharmacists to maintain their patients' loyalty by ensuring their pharmacy remains in-network. We will delve into the importance of conducting Medicare plan reviews, provide examples of their benefits, and highlight the significance of providing your staff and patients with a pre-review checklist. Let's explore why Medicare plan reviews are crucial for pharmacists and patients alike. 

Why Conduct a Medicare Plan Review?

Tailor Coverage to Individual Needs

Medicare plan reviews allow pharmacists to assess the specific healthcare needs of their patients. By thoroughly reviewing the patient's current plan, prescription medications, and potential changes in treatment, pharmacists can identify coverage gaps and recommend plans that better align with their unique healthcare needs. This ensures that patients have access to the proper medications and services without unnecessary financial burdens. 

Example: A patient who recently received a new diagnosis and requires specialized medications may find that their current Medicare plan does not adequately cover the prescribed treatments. Through a plan review, the pharmacist can help the patient explore alternative plans that provide better coverage for their specific condition. Read more >

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