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Air Link provides the ideal air tube system solution for quick and easy transport of sensitive goods to the Medical Industry.

Our expert design offers both electric and pneumatically controlled device systems, requiring less electricity, a longer life expectancy and more reliability when compared to electric motors. With an Air Link tube system, air moves components through the tube from entry point to a landing destination, offering a fast, safe and low voltage option. Air Link understands the sensitivity required to move glass bottles, IV bags, lab samples, blood and other medical goods. Our air tube systems are designed with controlled take offs and soft landings to ensure safe transport.

When transportation is crucial to the health and well-being of your patients, Air Link air tube systems deliver the means necessary to safely transport specimens, medications and medical goods that are vital for patient care. Air tube systems offer security by transporting goods from one department to a destination point, with no handling interruption from entry to landing. Multiple zone systems can be employed with a blower off option to conserve energy when desired. No lubrication or lubricated air is required. Remote computer access can be set up to monitor maintenance requirements to the system from anywhere. All equipment operates with Windows based software applications for extended stability.

Air Link has been customer focused for over 45 years. We recognize a need for quality and reliable air tube systems in a variety of facilities, despite the size of your operation. Contact us today to see how we can cut your costs through labor reductions, increased safety and security, and decongested hallways and elevators.

Air Link offers a two year warranty on all our air tube system equipment, and will put you in contact with our dedicated nationwide customer service to help with setup, implementation and lifetime use.

Ideal for:

• Laboratories

• Blood Banks

• Pharmacies

• Emergency Rooms

• Intensive Care Units

• Surgery, Radiology

• Dialysis

• Central Stores

• Patient Nursing

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