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GeriMed and PharmaComplete Consulting Services Form Alliance to Enhance Efficiency in Long-Term Care and Combination Shop Community Pharmacies

Oxford, NC (May 5, 2023) - GeriMed, Inc and PharmaComplete Consulting Services are pleased to announce a strategic partnership aimed at improving operational effectiveness and patient care within the Long-Term Care (LTC) and Combination Shop Independent Community Pharmacy markets. With recent changes in pharmacy reimbursement strategies and CMS guidance on LTC Pharmacy at Home, an increasing number of independent community pharmacies are adopting the LTC pharmacy model to deliver more effective and compliant services to their patients. Many of these pharmacies already serve a considerable number of LTC qualified patients. Through PharmaComplete's Support and Operational Excellence assistance, these pharmacies will identify areas for improvement to access this significant additional market.

By leveraging GeriMed's PSAO network, manufacturer contracts, and industry expertise, pharmacies will be able to enhance their margins on specific qualified patients, ensuring effective patient care. GeriMed remains committed to developing optimal contracts, cost-containment solutions, and routine profit maximization analysis through innovative contracting, customer-specific programs, and strategic collaborations.

"We are thrilled to join forces with PharmaComplete Consulting Services in this exciting collaboration," said John Schutte, President, and Owner of GeriMed. "We look forward to addressing the various challenges faced by the long-term care pharmacy sector, particularly concerning operational and purchasing excellence. Together, we aim to improve overall pharmacy performance and enhance the patient experience, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes."

PharmaComplete's extensive experience in pharmacy growth, expansion, and optimization has greatly informed GeriMed's continued success in the combination pharmacy market. Through this strategic partnership, PharmaComplete is enthusiastic about offering GeriMed's wide range of solutions to its network of customer pharmacies in both markets.

"This partnership will demonstrate our commitment to prioritizing patient needs and addressing significant unmet industry requirements, while also helping pharmacies adapt to the evolving landscape of Long-Term Care and their ability to provide comprehensive support," stated Paul Shelton, President at PharmaComplete Consulting Services.

About GeriMed: GeriMed prides itself on upholding high ethical standards, delivering exceptional client care, and providing dedicated pharmaceutical services. With 40 years of industry experience, GeriMed is the original Long-Term Care Group Sourcing Organization. We continue to bring our expertise to the market by developing innovative pharmacy tools, services, and forging strategic partnerships. For more information about GeriMed, please visit

About PharmaComplete: PharmaComplete empowers businesses in the long-term care and community pharmacy industries to differentiate and thrive by offering a comprehensive range of tailored services. With over 100 years of combined pharmacy experience, PharmaComplete serves as the leading Industry Subject Matter Expert in Pharmacy. For more information on PharmaComplete, please visit


John Schute

GeriMed, Inc.

Phone: 800-456-4374


Paul Shelton

PharmaComplete Consulting Services

Phone: (855) 624-3636


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