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Temperature Consistency with Follet Refrigerators

A high-performance refrigerator provides the confidence that comes with unmatched precision in temperature control. Refrigerators are the unsung appliance because they safeguard vaccines, medications, and more, protecting the patient and the healthcare facility’s reputation. Healthcare purchasers receive reliability when they go with a Follet refrigerator.


More healthcare facilities choose Follett refrigerators and water dispensers than any other brand. 

They know the risks if the refrigerator isn’t high quality. Vaccines ruined by accidental freezing or exposure account for millions of dollars in annual inventory loss. 

The engineers at Follet developed an advanced ducted air-distribution system coupled with a robust suite of features designed to monitor and protect vulnerable medications and vaccines, such as:

• Intuitive alarming and display interface

• Full stainless-steel construction and heavy-duty components ensure long-term reliability.

• Compatible with medication dispensing and third-party alarm systems.

Hospitals and pharmacies can find Follett Refrigerators here.

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