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Compare and Contrast Cleanrooms

To assess what cleanroom works best for your facility, Modular Cleanrooms offers several designs to meet your needs, but what are those differences? Why would a pharmacy go with a softwall or hardwall cleanroom? Here’s information to gain a deeper understanding of their unique characteristics.

modular cleanroom -softwall.png

Softwall Cleanrooms is an economical approach to portable cleanrooms. Healthcare organizations can use the Econo-Tent with ceiling grids and existing walls or as a stand-alone cleanroom. 

The Econo-Tent softwall cleanroom eliminates contamination from entering the room. A significant benefit of the softwall is the capability to reduce or enlarge the room depending on future or current requirements.

Hardwall Cleanrooms are engineered for a wide range of cleanroom applications and requirements. Healthcare organizations can use a hardwall cleanroom as a freestanding, self-contained room or configure it with existing walls or structures. They are fully customizable, with many options to meet even the most stringent regulations.

modular cleanroon - hardwall.png

Modular hardwall cleanrooms are inherently less expensive than standard sheetrock construction because they usually do not require an additional engineer or general contractor. 

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