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Transforming Medication Management: the Low-Cost Solution to Improve Health Outcomes for At-Risk Patients

Medication adherence packaging, also known as blister packs, have been widely used in pharmacies across the world as an effective and low-cost way of improving medication adherence – especially for at-risk patient groups such as seniors at home, patients starting maintenance medications, or those living with cognitive decline, visual impairment or language barriers.

A blister pack is a type of calendarized packaging that contains medications in individual compartments. There are weekly packs that have compartments arranged in rows, with each row representing a day of the week and each compartment representing a specific time of day. There are also packs that have daily compartments for a full month of medications.

There are three key benefits of blister packs for at-risk patients:

1. Removing confusion from medication management

Taking medications as prescribed can be challenging, especially for patients who have difficulty remembering to take their medications. The World Health Organization reports 50% of people do not take medications as prescribed. Read more >

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