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Saving Pharmacists’ Time

Pharmacist Barry Freely, owner of Medicine Man North Pharmacy, says it best, “I have three pharmacies and an Eyecon in each location. Everyone loves it and would not want to work without it. Hands down Eyecon is the best investment in technology I have ever made. We affectionately call it “Wally.”


Pharmacists know all too well that hand-counting all prescriptions is time-consuming. Eyecon eases the pharmacist’s workload and stress because its precision counting technology brings 99.99% accuracy. Furthermore, Eyecon delivers operational efficiencies by expediting the prescription filling process and reducing patient wait-time by up to 80%. 

Other benefits for the pharmacy include improved customer satisfaction and patient safety.

For most pharmacies, Eyecon pays for itself quickly due to eliminating over-dispensing, reducing count times, lessening time spent on physical inventory, and allowing more time with customers. 

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