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340B Referral Capture: Assessing the Opportunity with a Compliance-First Approach [Live Webinar, June 29]

Thursday, June 29 | 12:00 - 1:00 PM, ET

340B Insider Q&A Session with Cloudmed 340B Experts

Join Cloudmed 340B experts for another interactive Q&A session on key topics affecting 340B covered entities. During this session, we will discuss primary considerations for adding referral capture to your 340B program such as:  

• Understanding 5 keys to compliant referral capture 

• Knowing what areas drive the opportunity size for referral capture 

• Preparing to operationalize your referral capture program 

You can also catch a quick demo of Cloudmed's 340B Recovery solution to see what a compliance-first approach to referral capture looks like.

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