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The Cleanest Cleanroom

There is a science to cleaning, and the team at Acute Care Pharmaceuticals applies their scientific knowledge when developing and manufacturing products that ensure the safety and efficacy of their pharmaceutical products. 

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All the cleanroom products go through the highest standard quality control processes emphasizing sterility—the essential attribute preventing the entry, growth, or spread of microorganisms within the cleanroom. The result is a new level of cleanliness that pharmacists need.

The suite of products, such as the Pharma-Plus non-shedding, low-particulate wipe cleans everything in a cleanroom to rid the areas of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The Pharma-Hol solution removes surface contaminants and cleans vials, equipment, countertops, and more. And the Pharma-Mop covers remove impurities from floors, walls, and hard-to-reach places.

These high-quality cleaning products ensure compliance and protection for the compounded pharmaceutical, making Acute Care Pharmaceuticals the leading supplier of disposable medical products for the pharmacy industry. 

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