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Celebrating 25 Years

Back in 1998, we developed a simple decision-support application designed to help pharmacy personnel sift through hordes of data and identify potential outliers outside of established norms. This small side project quickly became a proof of concept on how this program could use statistical and algorithmic analysis to assess risk and save lives. And, with that, Medacist and our initial RxAuditor solution was born.

25 years later, our unwavering commitment to improving patient safety has brought us to this moment of gratitude and continued motivation. Beyond the technological achievements, our success can be attributed to the talented and dedicated team of professionals focused on delivering a safer future for patients and healthcare workers everywhere. This dedication serves as our foundation to be a trusted partner of choice for hospitals, pharmacies, and healthcare providers across the globe.

Here's to the next 25 years of innovation, excellence, and empowering countless medical professionals to deliver better care.

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