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Pharmacies Prefer Paladin

With Paladin, pharmacists receive a consolidated point-of-sale process, enhancing customer experience and reducing time on over-the-counter inventory management. A single-point checkout makes it easy for the customer and pharmacy team. The platform improves pharmacy operation, and the flexibility with all the features frees up time to spend on the patient without sacrificing efficiency and profitability.

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“With so many regulations and requirements involved, Paladin POS made everything simple and effortless,” said Michael Welch, Miller’s Pharmacy.

The pharmacy receives more features to improve operations, such as, but not limited to:

Rx verification AND security: Accurate prescription verification with patient privacy protection.

Split Invoice Processing: The 100% SIGIS-certified accelerates the checkout process.

OTC inventory Management tools: Real-time data that adds intelligence to the process.

Wholesaler integration: Timely access to pricing hastens electronic orders and invoices.

Prescription Status: Reports that easily verify pending, filled, or picked-up.

Team members will find the system intuitive and experts technicians stand ready to support 24/7.

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