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Start Your Disposal Efforts with 10% Off!


Support your community by providing a safe and secure option for getting drugs, pharmaceuticals, sharps, weapons, and contraband off of the streets. 

Our drop boxes are secure, compliant, and packed with features so you can remotely monitor your take-back program from anywhere.


If you heard about us at the RXSummit, mention code RXSUMMIT23 to your sales representative to receive 10% OFF your purchase of an ARXG Drop Box.

This offer expires on August 31st, 2023.


With our customizable kiosks, easy-to-use patented liner systems, and tracking management portal, we provide you with everything you need to streamline your disposal efforts from start to finish! 

Mail-Back & Disposal

We support organizations with kiosk operations even after installation! Our mail-back liners allow for compliant disposal at any time, ensuring your kiosk's contents are completely destroyed and turned into clean energy.

KMS Technology

KMS integration means easy management: monitor the kiosk, access logs, and empty/full monitoring. Combined with our various take-back and disposal services, it’s never been easier to support a drop kiosk in your communities.

Custom Graphics

Customize your drop box with custom logos and imagery or work with our graphic design team to design a kiosk that fits your vision. Fly your colors and promote your brand with ease!

Unrivaled Security

Built from the ground up with security in mind, our kiosks feature an anti-fishing baffle which makes drop-slot retrieval impossible. Our KMS means eyes (and monitors) on the kiosk 24/7, logging any access to the kiosk.

ADA Compliant

All of our drop boxes are ADA-compliant straight out of the box. Tailor your box to the needs of your community members and ensure accessibility for all!

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