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RedSail Technologies® Announces Integration Between Axys® and Eldermark

(Spartanburg, SC – 6/22/2023) RedSail Technologies, LLC, developer of Axys, is pleased to announce its integration with Eldermark, a leading provider of senior living software. This collaboration delivers enhanced care, operational efficiency, and improved financial outcomes for senior living communities.

The integration empowers senior living operators and caregivers with a seamless platform to streamline workflow and optimize resident care. Axys' medication management capabilities combined with Eldermark's suite of solutions provide a holistic approach to managing the complex needs of senior residents.

“Our partnership with pharmacies, most recently RedSail's Axys, showcases our commitment to transformative healthcare solutions,” said Mark Anderson, Chief Client Officer of Eldermark. “This union promises enhanced care, streamlined operations, and stronger financial outcomes, setting new industry benchmarks in senior living through relentless innovation."

Senior living communities can leverage the integrated platform to gain actionable insights, improve revenue optimization, and enhance clinical outcomes. The system enables efficient prospect-to-resident transitions, accurate assessment and service plans, documentation of care and services, billing and accounts receivable management, and comprehensive financial records.

The integration reflects RedSail Technologies' commitment to innovation and transformative healthcare solutions. By harnessing the power of both platforms, senior living communities can elevate care delivery, ensure medication adherence, and improve overall resident well-being.

The partnership between Axys and Eldermark represents a significant milestone in the senior living industry. By combining their expertise, Axys and Eldermark are poised to transform the senior living landscape, setting new standards for care quality, operational effectiveness, and financial success.

RedSail is currently scheduling future implementations of Axys. For more information and product demos, email or visit


About RedSail Technologies

RedSail Technologies, a trusted innovator in pharmacy software, is transforming patient care. Empowering over 10,000 pharmacies serving more than 8 million patients monthly. RedSail has deep experience with the needs and concerns of pharmacy across sectors – community, long-term care, outpatient, clinic, HME/DME, and specialty pharmacies – and their pharma, payer, and strategic industry partners.

Knowing the heart of pharmacy is the desire to provide meaningful patient care, RedSail makes daily pharmacy operations more seamless through advanced pharmacy management systems, transactional and medical billing services, and patient engagement solutions. Our leading brands, including PioneerRx®, groundbreaking Axys® long-term care pharmacy software, PowerLine®, TransactRx®, and QS/1®, provide the efficiency and industry integration that liberate pharmacists to focus on patients.

About Eldermark

Eldermark’s comprehensive software is built for the business of senior living. Centralizing all your technology like EHR, EMAR, resident engagement, marketing, billing, and more into one platform allows you to make informed decisions quickly and accurately with data-driven insights: increase revenue, enhance care, simplify work, and create more meaningful resident outcomes. Visit to experience the transformative power of centralized software and predictive analytics.

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