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ParcelShield Announces Partnership with Triose

Triose partners with ParcelShield, using the company’s technology to enhance visibility across the healthcare supply chain and improve timely delivery to patients 

ORLANDO, Fla., June 22, 2023 — ParcelShield Holdings, LLC (“ParcelShield”), the leading provider of technology-enabled predictive parcel tracking and patient engagement solutions for the healthcare industry, announces that Triose, Inc., part of AmerisourceBergen and the leading provider of intelligent healthcare supply chain solutions, has partnered with ParcelShield, using the company’s technology to help ensure its hospital, health system and healthcare network customers receive life-critical, time-sensitive medical shipments on time. 

With the use of ParcelShield’s solution, Triose will gain a more nuanced view of the delivery of critical medications to its healthcare provider customers and their patients. ParcelShield’s predictive analytics, tracking and monitoring capabilities will enable Triose to track and monitor the entire patient medication delivery journey, as well as predict, identify, and manage packages at risk of shipping delays. The solution will also allow Triose to enhance its communications with customers by giving proactive, real-time package tracking and delivery updates. Finally, the solution will capture proper documentation to support Proof of Delivery information and securely store it to provide on-demand access to the data to help support a case for full reimbursement for patient medication delivered successfully and reduce the chance of costly audits. Read more >

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