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Why Guess On Dosage, Just Use HurriCaine One! | Beutlich Pharmaceuticals [VIDEO]

An Innovative Non-Aerosol Unit Dose Topical Anesthetic Spray

• Meets Joint Commission Standard for the most ready-to-administer form available.*

• Fast onset. Short duration. Virtually no systemic absorption.

• Utilizes bar code medication administration (BCMA) to accommodate point-of-care scanning.

• Virtually eliminates adverse events resulting from preventable medication errors, ensuring the

     “5 Rights” are met:

     • Right Drug

     • Right Patient

     • Right Dose

     • Right Route

     • Right Time

• Single unit-of-use packaging eliminates the potential for cross-contamination.

• Increases billing accuracy and improves supply chain costs.


Call 1-800-238-8542 to place your order or for more information.

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