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Easy, Low Cost USP Compliance 11/01/2023

Continuously monitor the environment with one system connected to your existing network.

AirCare Cloud provides a remotely accessible data log and is scalable to thousands of monitored locations.



AirCare Automation field configurable Color Touch Screen Family consisting of the EOS and Zephyr can Control andMonitor your Fan Filter Units and Monitor your room's Environmental Conditions to stay in compliance with USP 797 / 800 requirements.

zephyr 2.JPG

Zephyr 2 Touchscreen Monitoring

AirCare Automation’s Zephyr 2 – Field Configure Monitoring Console intelligently MONITORs and CONTROLs clean room and facility environments. The console provides communication (MODBUS-RTU platform), system monitoring (and FFU control) in one easy-to-use package.



AirCare Automation’s EOS 13 0 1 is a compact, field configurable 2.8” Color Touchscreen Console that intelligently controls & monitors Fan Filter Units (FFUs) from several leading manufacturers. The EOS1301 also has the ability to monitor 6 different types of sensors in each zone. The parameters that can be monitored are pressure, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide(CO2), violatile organic compounds (VOCs), and particulate matter (PM2.5) |

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