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Featured Product of The Month: Prep-Fill Guarded Luer Connectors

The Prep-Fill Guarded Luer Connectors facilitate the transfer or mixing of fluids between drug containers, such as syringes or IV sets.

Connectors & Adapters

Prep-Fill™ Adapters and Connectors provide convenient, economical, high-quality solutions to facilitate transferring or mixing of fluids between drug delivery devices or IV sets. IMI has designed pharmaceutical compounding supplies for over 50 years.  We understand pharmacies operate under a unique range of processes and procedures, and many require special products to achieve the intended results. We work closely with pharmacists and compounding professionals to continuously advance our devices to serve the healthcare industry. When you partner with IMI, you not only receive superior products from the industry leader in sterile, pharmacy compounding devices, you also receive a dedicated team of support professionals available to you when you need them. Prep-Fill Connectors and adapters are offered in both luer lock and luer slip configurations. 

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