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D2 Solutions — Consulting and Technology

D2 Solutions is focused on profitability maximizing patient access to specialty drug. We are former biopharmaceutical and specialty pharmacy leadership with a unique understanding of how to maximize access with a combination of consulting, technology, and decision making experience at D2 Solutions.

Company Background
D2 Solutions advances patient access via a unique combination of strategic consulting, tactical execution, and SaaS based technologies. D2 works with our client-partners to drive revenue, enhance operating margin, and decrease exposure to regulatory risk.
Our client base includes established pharma and biopharma companies, emerging and venture backed startups, leading specialty pharmacies, hospitals, HUBs, and others. This diversity of customers provides D2 a unique advantage as we develop leading edge solutions that drive patient access, accelerating therapy start and ensure medication persistence.
D2 Two Divisions — Consulting and Technology
     • Consulting
          •  Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Consulting
          • Specialty Pharmacy Consulting
     • Technology
          • ComplySuite™ Solutions
          • UltraTouch™ Solutions
Product Overview
ComplySuite™ is an automated licensure and accreditation system built by D2. Over the last 11 years, D2 has been collaborating with the major accreditation bodies and regulatory agencies to uncover ways to streamline the process. With keen insight from our clients and our pharmacist consultants, we have developed an automated, web-based compliance solution. Within ComplySuite™ there are four platforms:
     • AccredComply™
          • Centralized Database
          • Task Optimization
          • Meet Payer and Manufacturer Requirement
     • RegComply™
          • Stay Informed on Regulation
          • New Legislation and Bills
          • Reduce Labor Costs
     • LicenseComply™
          • Maintain, Track, and Manage
          • Never Miss a Renewal
          • Streamline Communication
     • ContractComply™
          • Store Contracts in One Place
          • Manage Tasks
          • Organize Approval
UltraTouch™ engagement, prior authorization, and therapy management solutions enhance the patient experience by increasing speed to therapy, medication adherence, and patient/ caregiver communication.
     • UltraTouch™ Verify
     Smart, ePA platform that speeds approvals, reduces internal staffing requirements, and improves workflow by storing PAs within
     a single environment and automating PA renewals.
     • UltraTouch™ Engage
      An immersive, bi-directional, proactive patient engagement technology that enables healthcare providers and stakeholders to
      more effectively engage with patients/caregivers
     • UltraTouch™ Patient Management
     Innovative technology that supports disease and drug specific therapy management programs. Patient management supports
     accreditation standards management and performance measure reporting.

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