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How to Ensure DSCSA Compliance While Streamlining Pharmacy Operations

SureCost delivers pharmacies a transformative solution to navigate the complexities of DSCSA compliance while streamlining operations for enhanced efficiency and profitability.

In the ever-evolving landscape of pharmaceutical regulations, pharmacies face increasing pressure to maintain stringent compliance standards. Among the most critical regulations is the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), enacted to enhance the security, traceability and accountability of the drug supply chain. The DSCSA mandates the use of standardized systems for tracking prescriptions from the producer to the dispenser throughout the entire supply chain. Compliance with DSCSA isn’t just a legal requirement, it’s crucial for patient safety and maintaining a trustworthy reputation. 

In the recent webinar, “5 Ways to Drive DSCSA Compliance with Smarter Purchasing”, hosted by Drug Topics, the SureCost team discusses DSCSA compliance challenges and how SureCost’s innovation solutions overcome these obstacles. This blog provides a comprehensive summary of the webinar, highlighting key insights and solutions discussed on overcoming DSCSA compliance challenges by implementing SureCost’s Purchasing, Inventory and DSCSA Compliance Solution. 

DSCSA Challenges Faced by Pharmacies:

Data Consolidation and Accuracy

Accurate data consolidation is a difficult process that pharmacies must do in order to manage their inventory, make purchases and generate reports. Particularly for pharmacies operating across numerous locations or with a large transaction volume, failing to keep proper records and submit reports on time might result in penalties and compliance concerns. 

Avoiding Shortages

The DSCSA’s mandate that pharmaceuticals must be purchased from authorized distributors provides difficulties in avoiding drug shortages, ensuring that the proper medications are accessible when required. Pharmacies must take into account product availability, cost and shipping delays. Additionally, the process is complicated by a lack of resources for buying and inventory management. 

Maintaining Vendor Relationships

To ensure compliance, pharmacies must keep accurate records of all transactions and confirm the compliance of their manufacturers and suppliers. This involves efficient communication and performance evaluation, especially when dealing with multiple vendors and manufacturers. Read more >

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