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Inventory the Right Way

Here’s how a contractor exceeds expectations when a pharmacy outsources inventory services to Capital Inventory. The inventory team arrives 15-30 minutes before the set start time. The project leader already understands pharmacy areas (e.g., IV room) and assigns them to a specialist who is a full-time employee who passed a background check.

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These specialists are a diligent force as they enter the inventory data into their Android device. After completing all sections, they upload the secure, accurate information to Capital Inventory where a team of analysts processes the data and applies pricing according to the wholesaler contract. The analysts also price items purchased outside the wholesaler, such as FFF, CAPS, and more. 

The client receives the reviewed inventory data via an electronic file, and per approval, Capital Inventory issues the inventory certification.

Capital Inventory will exceed expectations even more with: 

• Timely inventories averaging 3-5 hours.

• Minimal interruption for the pharmacy staff.

• A seamless inventory process.

• Expert valuation and price application of the inventory by an independent party.

• Experienced inventory specialists who collaborate with Finance and/or external auditors for validation.

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