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If you’re ready for new integration tools, improved decision-making, and superior customer service, then Epicor is the POS of choice. This system helps pharmacies grow—despite ongoing margin pressures and an ever-changing industry.

 A fully integrated retail pharmacy POS system makes independent pharmacies thrive. Epicor does this and more by building into the software industry best practices that improve efficiencies. These advancements result in more timely customer orders and better inventory management accuracy. 

epicor 2.png

For example, the platform helps manage margins by setting optimal prices that enable revenue growth and maintain profits. The software analyzes buying patterns to inform merchandising, promotions, and bundling in the store and online. And the POS identifies the best customers and keeps them returning with loyalty programs.

Pharmacists can run the entire pharmacy smoothly because the engineers designed the POS to solve problems and address a competitive environment. Epicor accelerates its customer’s ambitions, whether to grow or transform.

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