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Expertise and Ingenuity in Pharmaceutical Testing

Testing, testing, and testing—from microbiology to impurities—ensure the quality of pharmaceuticals, reliability, and effectiveness with an analysis that identifies problems before they reach patients, reducing risks and improving overall outcomes.

For over 30 years, Boston Analytical has been developing GMP analytical testing methods for the pharmaceutical industry that verifies pharmaceuticals against manufacturing and quality specifications, characterize drug product ingredients, evaluate API performance, and guide stability studies.

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This leading testing facility possesses highly advanced instrumentation in their laboratory that they calibrate with precise accuracy for the testing needs of their clients. The team at Boston Analytical can custom-design analytical testing services to meet specific analytical requirements or apply proven methodologies. 

Clients will also receive a single point-of-contact project manager, a highly qualified pharmaceutical expert who will be an internal advocate from the start of the project to the final report and beyond, ensuring success at every stage.

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