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Is Your Lab USP 800 Compliant?

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AirClean Systems manufactures a range of products that meet the USP <800> requirements for your lab. Constructed from seamless polypropylene material, each PowderSafe™ Enclosure type and Laminar Flow Clean Bench offers exceptional durability as well as ease of cleaning. These products are equipped with our user-friendly monitoring control systems to best help you protect your operator and process while in the lab. Learn which product is best for you below.

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PowderSafe™ Type B Enclosure 

• Effectively weigh to 7 decimal places

• Exhaust air is HEPA filtered, keeping any potential particulate from returning to the room

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PowderSafe™ Type C Enclosure 

• Polypropylene construction for chemical resistance

• HEPASafe™ filtration technology allows safe filter change out while enclosure is operational

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Polypropylene Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Bench

• Digital UV light timer :01-:59 minutes

• Dual wall construction allows for front mounting of services

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