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Rethinking Cleanliness: Polymeric Solutions for Particle Level Control

As industries strive to maintain strict cleanliness standards, the quest for effective contamination control solutions becomes increasingly important. Polymeric floor coverings like CleanZone by Dycem provide a practical, economical, and more sustainable alternative to traditional methods such as disposable peel-off mats. 

The need for contamination control is vital, especially considering 80% of particulates reportedly enter controlled environments via shoes and wheels. Dycem's polymeric flooring offers antimicrobial properties, enhanced durability, and improved cleanliness compared to the peel-off mats, which are often subject to particle generation during peeling. 

In a comparative evaluation at a Medical Device Manufacturer's facility, polymeric floor coverings showed clear advantages. The facility, previously spending around $24,000 per year on peel-off mats, found that over a 3-5 year lifespan, the Dycem solution would yield significant savings. 

Unlike peel-off mats, Dycem's polymeric floor coverings retain particles through a natural tack and electromagnetic forces, ensuring greater control over particulate contamination. They're also embedded with an antimicrobial additive, Polygiene BioMaster, that curbs microbial growth by 99.9%. Read more >

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