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The Choice for Sterile Product Preparation

Hospitals and other care-delivery pharmacies require safe, secure injectable drug delivery systems. These pharmacies also have unique medication programs tailored to advance their mission and need a convenient sterile dosage preparation system as an alternative to cumbersome bulk package vials.


SmartPak® from Samson Medical Technologies has led the industry with its sealed, additive-free polymer bag containing up to 300 grams of sterile powder enclosed in a foil overwrap. Pharmacy professionals will find the patented SmartPak an easy-to-use packaging system ideal for sterile product preparation because Samson Medical Technologies collaborated with them to tailor the solution based on ease and accuracy.

With a four-liter capacity, SmartPak provides latitude in preparing the most appropriate concentrations for the patient population served.

SmartPak is compatible with all infusion delivery systems. And importantly:

 • Reduces Manipulations

• Improves Operational Efficiency

• Eliminates Breakage Because of No Glass

• Increases Safety with a Closed System

• Offers an Automation-friendly Design

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