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Devices Designed for Patient Safety and Dignity

“The inclusion of Owen Mumford’s Pentips in our supply bundles will ensure our customers always have access to a high quality, comfortable pen needle for each insulin dose,” said Jeffrey Brewer, Co-Founder and CEO, Bigfoot Biomedical.

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Owen Mumford designs medical device solutions to address healthcare challenges. 

Their inventions aim to support healthcare professionals and patients in providing the most effective, comfortable, and accurate device to improve health outcomes. Whether it’s a simple improvement in product design or a whole new approach, the engineering team is not afraid to challenge the status quo if the devices make a world of difference to a world of people.

The solutions include easing the administering of life-enhancing medication, taking a blood draw more comfortably with innovative lancets, and increasing the speed of receiving a diagnostic test.

Owen Mumford advances the care and management for a broad range of medical conditions with medical devices that improve quality of life, encourage patient compliance, prevent infection, and reduce healthcare costs.

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