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The Pioneer in Chromogenic and Turbidimetric Reagent Technologies

Whether it’s bringing testing in-house, looking to switch from gel-clot to kinetic, or needing to validate a sustainable recombinant reagent, Associates of Cape Cod (ACC) has been performing all methods of the BET assay—gel-clot, chromogenic, and turbidimetric—since 1979.


The team at ACC are experts in Bacterial Endotoxin Testing and know that analytical testing is an essential tool for ensuring quality control of raw materials, screening of in-process samples, and maintaining an in-process water system. 

Delivering excellence in validation and analytical processes, ACC is the only “pure player” endotoxin detection company in the world, offering the most sensitive reagents in the industry.

Clients receive an integrated solution for endotoxin and glucan detection testing, needed reports, and data management, all supporting compliance with regulations. Clients can feel assured that their vendor operates at the industry’s highest quality standards—ACC is certified to ISO 13485:2016. 

ACC offers a free consultation to determine the method that best suits the client’s needs and sample type. 

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