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Cleaning the Cleanroom

The way to ensure a controlled environment is to keep it clean constantly. A stringent level of cleanliness results from purchasing professional-grade cleaning tools designed specifically for pharmaceutical environments. 

With Perfex, the facilities team can rely on cleaning supplies made from quality materials to address any hygienic concerns. These tools reduce the risk of contamination in your pharmaceutical environment and help keep the pharmacy and patient safe.


Perfex offers the TruCLEAN product line that leads the critical cleaning industry with autoclave-compatible mopping systems built for ultra-high cleanroom standards. The superior cleaning equipment entails rust-resistant carts, replacement parts, and accessories. The engineers designed these supplies for strength and durability. They used stainless steel components and temperature-resistant polypropylene buckets, compatible with gamma, ethylene oxide, and autoclave sterilization.

With nearly 100 years in business, Perfex’s knowledge of the cleaning industry is unparalleled. The customer service team is trained to identify the best cleaning tools to meet and exceed sanitation goals and support regulatory requirements.

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