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The Natural Benefits of CBD Come First

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the few cannabis extracts approved for medicinal use in the United States. Recent advances in biotechnology have facilitated rapid drug development by simplifying and speeding up the testing processes. CBD has gained attention for its potential in treating medical conditions and boosting general health.


CANNIDEX offers medical-grade, high-quality CBD topical lotion. This means it is manufactured to a much higher standard than the average CBD product, reaching a 99% purity level.

While other companies use small amounts of CBD with coconut oil-based formulations to produce inexpensive products, CANNIDEX believes that the market calls for a high potency, premium topical using the best quality ingredients and transdermal base available.

Key benefits from Cannidex include:

• Delivering 1500 mg of CBD in each 3% 50 ml formulation.

• Deriving purity from 99% pure hemp crystals, not CBD oil.

• Possessing significantly more research than any other CBD product.

• Manufacturing process developed by licensed pharmacists.

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