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A Better Solution For Managing Diabetes

With Dexcom:


• Know when numbers are too high or low.

• Make informed decisions.

• Stop pricking your finger. 

These advantages are just the start when you have Diabetes. This cutting-edge company pioneered real-time continuous glucose monitoring (RT-CGM).

You wear a small, discreet sensor that continuously measures glucose levels beneath the skin, and it wirelessly sends your numbers to a display device via the attached transmitter. You can review real-time glucose numbers on compatible devices.

Studies show that Dexcom CGM use is proven to increase time in range (TIR).1 TIR is a powerful supplement to A1C because it offers a more complete picture of glucose variations.

The simplicity and flexibility set Dexcom apart because the user can customize sounds to help keep your glucose in your target range, gaining greater glucose control and providing peace of mind.

Due to recent Medicare changes, millions more people are now covered for Dexcom CGM. Dexcom G7 is the most accurate CGM system covered by Medicare.

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