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Detect Diversion Faster

The underlying threat of drug diversion in healthcare will always exist. However, healthcare organizations can optimize their efforts to detect as much diversion as possible by implementing proactive monitoring strategies such as an artificial intelligence (AI) powered surveillance solution,” stated Protenus Director of Pharmacy Services Adam Beeler, PharmD, MS.

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With the ongoing drug misuse and diversion trend, healthcare organizations are partnering with Protenus to identify, detect, and prevent drug diversion. Their drug diversion surveillance solution offers controlled substance tracking and policy enforcement to support compliance efforts.  

The Protenus Drug Diversion Surveillance allows management to:

•  Audit up to 100% of medication use transactions.

•  Reduce detection time by 80% to stem potential damage.

•  Detect drug diversion within 50 days, on average.

Protenus harnesses the power of AI to provide healthcare organizations with scalable risk-reduction solutions that drive the safest patient outcomes while protecting the reputation of the organizations.

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