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3 Ways to Achieve Better Work-Life Balance for Pharmacies

Over the last few years, pharmacies have worked tirelessly to ensure patients have access to the medications, vaccines, and other services they need to stay well. In fact, the demand has been so overwhelming, many health care-related fields have experienced unprecedented staff turnover and burnout. As a result, staff shortages are a huge concern for many independent pharmacies as they prepare to face the notoriously busy cold and flu season. Trying to juggle a larger workload is not only difficult from an operational standpoint, but maintaining your own physical and mental wellbeing can be challenging as well. Fortunately, there may be tools and systems already in your pharmacy that can help. For example, here are three ways to use your BestRx software to achieve better work-life balance:

1. To Get Organized.

Decluttering your workspace provides many benefits, especially when you’re busy. In fact, eliminating paper piles and other distractions from your pharmacy counter can:

• Help you focus.

• Increase your productivity.

• Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Plus, your pharmacy will look and feel more aesthetically pleasing to you – and your patients. BestRx makes it easy to get organized, by eliminating several manual, paper-producing steps throughout the day. This includes everything from the way you receive prescriptions and faxes, to how you submit claims, prior authorizations and reconcile your inventory and payer reimbursements. By completing these processes electronically, all the information you need will be right at your fingertips and your pharmacy counter can remain paper-free.

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