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4 Ways Happy Employees Are Good for Business

Your staff keeps your pharmacy running. Between processing scripts and interacting with your patients, your employees serve as the “face” of your store. As a result, their level of engagement and happiness has a direct impact on nearly every aspect of your business, from productivity to profitability. That’s why it’s essential for independent pharmacies to ensure their staff engagement is high. Not convinced? We’ll explain employee engagement and four ways happy employees are good for business.

What is employee engagement?

Simply put, employee engagement is the level of connection your employees feel toward your pharmacy and the work that they do. Engagement is directly related to a staff member’s level of motivation and commitment, which stems from alignment with your store’s values and goals, as well as resources and level of communication you provide.

How are employee engagement and happiness related?

When employees are happy, it creates a better work environment. The more positive the work environment, the more collaborative and productive your staff will be.  Plus, when staff members feel connected to your store and their role within it, they are not only more reliable, but are more likely to go above and beyond for patients as well. Read more >

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