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5 Characteristics of a Good Business Partner

When you’re selecting pharmacy vendors, it’s important to evaluate both the product/service and the company itself. In fact, the way each company you partner with operates can affect the success of your store. Surprised? We’ll explain! Here are five characteristics of a good business partner – and the impact on your pharmacy.

Whenever you’re evaluating a new business partner, make sure they are:

1. Reliable

This is a must for any vendor you work with. For example, if your wholesaler constantly experiences shipping delays, it will be difficult for you to maintain your inventory. Plus, your customers will become frustrated if their prescriptions or OTC items are frequently out of stock, whether it’s your “fault” or not.

Similarly, if your pharmacy software is prone to issues, it will negatively impact your workflow and productivity. Ultimately, selecting unreliable vendors can not only be frustrating for your staff, but it can cost you customers in the long run as well. Read more >

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