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Mobile Cleanrooms: Modular Devices Partners with Chemtrade for Innovative Project

Chemtrade_ModularDevices_CleanRoom-768x236 (1).png

Modular Devices, renowned experts in mobile cleanrooms, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Chemtrade Refinery Services Inc. (“Chemtrade”), a leading manufacturer of UltraPure Sulfuric Acid in North America. The partnership aims to create a cutting-edge ISO Class 4 trace metals mobile cleanroom as part of Chemtrade’s expansion project at their facility in Cairo, Ohio.

UltraPure Sulfuric Acid plays a pivotal role in the semiconductor industry, where precision is paramount and airborne impurities are strictly intolerable. With the Semiconductor Fabrication Sector experiencing unprecedented growth, the demand for UltraPure Sulfuric Acid is surging. Chemtrade’s expansion in Cairo, Ohio is a strategic move to enhance their production capabilities in response to this increasing demand.

The new mobile cleanroom from Modular Devices is set to redefine industry standards, delivering ISO Class 4 level air purification. This achievement is made possible by employing over 300 air changes per hour, facilitated by ceiling-mounted Ultra-low Penetration Air (ULPA) filters that cover more than 60% of the ceiling area throughout the sampling and testing rooms. Read more >

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