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Navigating Medication Adherence Packaging: A Global Glossary


We have led the medication management market for over a century with operations around the world, and we’ve heard nearly every possible term for medication adherence packaging.

Medication adherence packaging solutions play a vital role in ensuring patients take their medications correctly, reducing hospitalizations, and enhancing overall health outcomes. However, for patients and caregivers seeking these solutions, understanding the terminology can be a challenge.

Medication adherence packaging is like a calendar that organizes medications in compartments by the day and time they should be taken. It comes in many different formats with even more names. Pharmacists can organize medications in weekly packs for seven days or monthly packs for up to 32 days. Some packs are referred to as “single-dose” or “unit-dose” when they contain one medication per compartment or “multi-dose” when they contain multiple medications in each compartment. Some solutions even have connected technology to track patient usage. Read more >

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