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The Future of LTC Pharmacy (ft. Patrick Hussey) | Framework Focus Episode 4


In this episode of the Framework Focus podcast, host Mark Fulton and guest Patrick Hussey, Regional Director of Pharmacy at Symbria Rx Services, talk about emerging trends in pharmacy and what the future will look like for LTC pharmacy operators. They highlight new opportunities and challenges from a regulatory, technological, and practice evolution perspective.

In the first part of the conversation, Mark and Patrick tackle the question, “What’s the biggest change you have seen in your pharmacy career?” Between the pair, they bring nearly forty years of pharmaceutical experience. They note the rise of e-prescribing and automation in pharmacy, among others. 

“When I started, it was all phone, all on paper,” Fulton said. “Now, we’re almost 100 percent electronic in a lot of markets.”

Later, some of the recent buzzwords around the industry such as artificial intelligence and LTC at home are discussed as key items expected to impact this space in the years to come. 

“Being in Western Pennsylvania, we have some very innovative pharmacies here doing (LTC at home) right now,” Hussey noted. “They’re in the best place to service that market once it takes off.” 

In the latter half of the episode, Mark gets Patrick’s take on various issues on both a macro and micro level and covers topics such as pharmacy benefit managers, data sharing, labor shortages, and consolidation trends in both the retail and LTC pharmacy.

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Framework Focus is the first-ever podcast focused on Long Term Care Pharmacy. We release a new episode on the second Wednesday of every month, addressing the hottest topics in LTC pharmacy, and interviewing industry trailblazers, thought leaders, and LTC pharmacists. Follow and subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen so you do not miss an upcoming episode. 

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