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Optimize Your Cold Storage With OptiCool™ Technology From Helmer Scientific

Help ensure the proper management of rare and high-maintenance specialty medications with professional medical-grade cold storage designed to optimize temperature, noise, and energy management.

Company Background

Helmer Scientific, now part of Trane Technologies’ Life Science Solutions Business, is a U.S.-based manufacturer and worldwide distributor of medical-grade cold storage and laboratory processing equipment. We have over 45 years of experience in providing high-quality temperature-controlled environments, with our products used in more than 125 countries. Precise temperature performance and control are essential to the successful storage of pharmaceuticals. Helmer cold storage products are designed and developed with these principles in mind.

Product Overview

Temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals are finding their way into specialty pharmacy patient therapeutic regimens. If it is suspected that the product’s quality may have been compromised due to temperature excursions, it must be quarantined and/ or taken out of use. This is not only costly, but in the case of specialty drugs, may cause patients to be unable to receive lifesaving treatments.

Accreditation bodies such as URAC and ACHC require specialty pharmacies to have a system in place to ensure consistency with cold storage. GX Solutions from Helmer use OptiCool™ technology, which optimizes temperature, noise, and energy management. These professional medical-grade cold storage devices are designed for the unique needs of specialty pharmacies and help ensure life-saving specialty drugs are stored within the desired temperature range in a reliable refrigerator while offering optimized temperature uniformity, energy efficiency, and supporting sustainability initiatives.

• OptiCool™ Supports Temperature Uniformity

GX Solutions are the first cold-storage solution to offer optimized control in three key temperature management areas: uniformity, stability, and recovery. GX Solutions offer superior temperature uniformity throughout the unit. Keeping temperature within +/-1 degree Celsius provides confidence that contents are stored at the right temperature regardless of where they’re placed within the unit. Optimized stability creates fewer deviations from the set point and avoids rapid, significant changes in temperature. Faster recovery after prolonged door openings ensures contents are stored at the right temperature even when the unit is opened multiple times.

• OptiCool™ Supports Energy Efficiency

GX Solutions are Energy Star® certified and up to 50% to 65% more energy efficient than conventional medical-grade cold storage. They use natural hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants and a variable capacity compressor (VCC) which uses an intelligent sensor to monitor operating conditions. When unit doors are opened, the VCC runs at a high speed to deliver optimal temperature performance. When the temperature stabilizes, the VCC runs at a lower speed, resulting in lower energy consumption.

• OptiCool™ Supports Environmental Sustainability

The use of natural HC refrigerants in GX Solutions reduces heat output, decreases the carbon footprint to dramatically decrease global warming potential, and meets many energy standards including SNAP and EU-F-Gas compliance. They have no impact on ozone depletion and a very low Global Warming Potential (GWP), with a grade of three.

• OptiCool™ Supports Reliability

GX Solutions are designed and built to ensure they last for the long term, limiting downtime, and interruption to workflow. During the design phase, GX Solutions were tested using Accelerated Life Testing (ALT). The goal is to identify and address possible system weaknesses prior to equipment release for general use. Testing protocols challenge system components by exposing units to very high levels of stress beyond normal use conditions. Performing ALT ensures the equipment can withstand the rigor of daily use and is designed for long-term reliability over a 10- year service life.

Ordering Information

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