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Why a Full-Service Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Program is Essential

Medication plays a very important part in illness recovery and management of chronic conditions. A key component in safe medication use is the proper disposal of unneeded pharmaceuticals. It is beneficial for healthcare facilities to develop a comprehensive pharmaceutical waste disposal program to help ensure waste is managed correctly. This can be a complicated task, and that’s why partnering with a company such as Stericycle, which provides a full-service pharmaceutical waste disposal program, can help healthcare facilities with improved training, waste segregation, and compliance.

Pharmaceutical waste refers to any discarded drug, including dietary supplements, over-the-counter and prescription drugs, homeopathic drugs, compounded drugs, and investigational drugs. Drug disposal is a common responsibility in healthcare settings. A survey conducted by Stericycle gathered valuable insights from registered nurses (RNs), pharmacists, and decision-makers at the director level, emphasizing the importance of a full-service pharmaceutical waste disposal program for healthcare facilities. The survey shed light on the challenges faced, the frequency of service required, and the necessary training to achieve efficiency and compliance. Results state that 99.5% of participants disposed of pharmaceutical waste at least once a day, and 87% of nurses and pharmacists disposed of pharmaceutical waste four or more times per day. Read more >

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