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Eyecon® — The Most Advanced Technology in Counter-Top Prescription Dispensing Automation

The Eyecon with visual precision counting, eliminates the burden of prescription filling with a 99.99% count accuracy. It’s easy to access, has digital records for audits and patient claims present, speeds up the Rx filling process, reduces patient wait time, and increases accuracy of inventory and pill count.

Company Background

Eyecon, a member of the Avery Weigh-Tronix Group, designs and manufactures counter-top automation for pill counting and Rx validation in pharmacy operations.

Eyecon developed the innovative machine vision based Eyecon for automated counting and prescription validation. The Eyecon is the first machine vision based pill counting and prescription system used to improve efficiencies in retail pharmacies.

Eyecon joined the Avery Weigh-Tronix family in January 2009. Avery Weigh-Tronix is a global supplier of force measurement devices that focus on weighing, counting, batching, and filling systems. Avery Weigh-Tronix is dedicated to the continued development of innovative products for the pharmaceutical industry and is proud of the benefits and value our products offer health care providers.

Product Overview

Building on the revolutionary technology of the original Eyecon, the Eyecon 9430 takes the system to the next level. Featuring a unique visual counting system, the Eyecon 9430 is faster and more accurate than manual counting, reducing tedium and freeing up employees to spend more time with customers.

The capacitive touchscreen provides improved touch accuracy as well as support for multi-touch and pinch and zoom on a bright, widescreen, color display so more information can be displayed in a single view. Eyecon is the first vision-based validation and pill counting system that also saves a photo of every transaction. If a count is questioned, the photo can be viewed and/or printed. Every pill is sequentially numbered and all the prescription data is annotated onto the photos.

Features & Options

• Eyecon® is the preferred choice of pharmacies looking to:

     • Ease pharmacy workload.

     • Improve pharmacy profitability.

     • Focus on patient safety.

     • Eliminate dispensing errors and enhance customer satisfaction.

     • Reduce workplace stress.

     • Improve work life balance.

Product Specifications

• Eyecon by Design

     • Platter Surface Area: 48" Sq.

     • Dimensions: 28" H x 11" W x 17.5" D

     • Screen: 7" Color LCD Flat Panel Touch Screen

     • Barcode Scanner: Integrated 1D and 2D Scanner

     • Supply Voltage: 100 VAC - 240 VAC

     • Frequency Range: 50/60 Hz

     • Current: 0.75 A

     • Temperature Range: 50-90 ºF

     • Connectivity: (2) USB, (1) Ethernet

     • Relative Humidity: Up to 70% at 90 ºF

     • Altitude of Use: Up to 6,000 Feet

     • Interfaces: Support for Over 35 PMS Interfaces Built-In

     • Accuracy: 99.99% Count Accuracy

     • Design: Open Flow, Easy to Clean

     • Warranty: Two Year Limited

How will the Eyecon help you?

• Safety Brings Peace of Mind. The Eyecon features automatic, visual warnings which notify the operator when specific situations occur.

• Wrong fill quantity; double-count and back-count; partial fills; generic substitutions; Eyecon networked for success; connectivity;

PMS integration; inventory updates; and telepharmacy.

• Physical Inventory: Reduce the time to complete a physical inventory and cycle count by over 70%. Fast and exact counting along with digital recording.

• Unit of Use: Allows for the operator to record full bottles and non-pill inventory.

• Audit Reports: Allow staff to view multiple data points to verify accuracy and analyze various aspects of each prescription filled on the Eyecon.

• Quarterly Updates: Provide the latest drug database and new features to continue to enhance the capabilities and ROI afforded by the Eyecon.


“ The first piece of equipment I purchased for my pharmacies was an Eyecon. I have 10 Eyecons in my stores and cannot imagine what life would be like without them. They are an integral part of our processes and workflow!”

— Cliff Holt, R. PH.D, Owner of Utah Family Pharmacy, Hurricane, UT

Let’s Talk

To learn how Eyecon can bring your pharmacy to the next level, contact our sales department by calling (866) 260-6540, emailing, or visiting

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