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Courier Solutions for Seamless Medication Delivery

Patients in long-term care facilities require regular medications. A courier service is needed to ensure the patients receive their medications on time. Mideast Delivery Services commits to its clients that they will provide services as requested with a positive, customer-service mentality.

mideast delivery.png

One facet that ensures this promise is Mideast Delivery Services coming on-site to the facility and developing a courier solution explicitly tailored to the needs of the patients and staff. The team learns every aspect of the medication delivery system and creates a plan to address any problem areas. 

The long-term care facility will experience a seamless transition to this more convenient courier service. Increased efficiencies will result from improved coordination and implementation of daily delivery routes and coverage of stat orders.

This pharmacy-first approach includes no wait times or accessorial charges. It also means clients can trust the drivers delivering the medication. All drivers will have passed a rigorous application process, drug test, and background checks.

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