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Delayed and Confused - A DSCSA Conversation (ft. Advasur)


In the latest installment of FrameworkFocus, you are invited to join Dr. Mark Fulton and special guest Ted Sullivan, Chief Commerical Officer at Advasur, as they discuss the current state of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act. Through the conversation, you will learn about the Federal Drug Administration’s (FDA) recent announcement that delays the enforcement of several key provisions of DSCSA. This episode also offers LTC pharmacies clear insights into how this delay will impact their daily operations and explores strategies for ensuring compliance. 

Advasur is an innovative and entrepreneurial business that was started by Randy Hoggle in 2015. As a pharmacist, Randy knew the challenges of the DSCSA for pharmacies and brought a unique solution to the market. Advasur and SoftWriters partnered earlier this year in order to provide this unique compliance solution to more long-term care pharmacies.

”I joke with clients that DSCSA is the slowest moving freight train that will ever run anybody over,” Sullivan remarked. “We’re more than 9.5 years post passage of the act… it’s just the final requirements that have to do with the interoperability of systems that the FDA put in the focus of the guidance they provided.”

Sullivan further explained that the only thing being delayed by the FDA is enforcement at the dispenser level of the interoperability requirements. The FDA unequivocally states that pharmacies should maintain their commitment to compliance, as all current provisions of this act are still actively enforced.

BONUS: This episode also includes a special segment with Jennie Lee, the Pharmacy Manager at PharmaCare Hawaii. Jennie has the unique perspective of being employed at an LTC pharmacy that uses Advasur and FrameworkLTC. Jennie highlights the advantages of this collaboration between the companies, emphasizing how Advasur is already assisting her pharmacy in its pursuit of compliance.


”I found (Advasur) so helpful to guide us toward what we have to do as a pharmacy to be compliant,” Lee noted. “At the end of the day in operations, that’s what we care about — what do we have to do to be compliant and how does that affect our workflow.” 

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