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Let Cleanetics Worry about Certification and Compliance Issues

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Are you a functioning USP797 Cleanroom and need to have your room certified or maintained? Our team will work around your demanding schedule to ensure your facility maintains State/DOH/Federal Regulations. When you align your cleanroom with Cleanetics, we alert you regarding certification deadlines and schedule services to keep you compliant.  We believe the pharmacy industry should concentrate on patient CSP's and we concentrate on the cleanroom.  We truly partner with your hospital facility and eliminate the cleanroom stress.

Our mission is to ensure that you are satisfied with a state-of-the-art USP797 Cleanroom & USP800 Cleanroom. The difference between USP797 and USP800 is very important to understand.  Both mandates are regulating the use of cleanroom environments.   USP797 concentrates on the physical environment and USP800 concentrates on protecting the workers in the hazardous cleanroom environment.  Being up to date on both regulations is key to producing sterile compounds safe for patients and safe for the compounding technicians.

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