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EzriRx Connects 30+ NABP-Accredited Wholesalers With Thousands of Pharmacies in the U.S.

EzriRx is a technology friendly and advanced marketplace that makes it incredibly easy for pharmacies to shop and save on brands, generics, OTC, HBA, pet meds, and more on a single easy-to-use platform. The time wasted dealing with reps adds up to real dollars. EzriRx is simple. EzriRx is free.

Company Background & History

EzriRx was built with a mission to bring the latest available e-commerce technology to U.S. pharmacies. Our goal was to lower the cost of goods by providing the easiest-to-use, bestdesigned, and most advanced marketplace solution to date. While pharmacies have a fundamental responsibility to patients, we wanted to eliminate their purchasing pains. We created the algorithm to get the best price so they can forget about their GCR, ratios, and minimums and continue focusing on their patient.

Product Overview

We began by contracting with 30+ NABP-accredited wholesalers and added 60,000 unique items. We created a two-minute signup process and eliminated all the paperwork needed to apply and open new accounts with wholesalers. We then added the ability to pay wholesalers (through the platform) via ACH, credit cards, terms, and statements and manage all invoices in a central location. We added the ability to make offers on every product and created an easy, free solution for audits. We built a mobile website to search and buy on the go, and allow pharmacies to connect their pharmacy software provider for easy inventory management. We even keep records of all the DSCSA files and do so much more!

For pharmacies in select states, we offer a pharmacy-to-pharmacy solution to get rid of excess inventory and for pharmacies with an awaiting patient to buy products from another pharmacy at a deep discount. We think win-win.

Features & Options

• 30+ NABP-accredited wholesalers.

• Two-minute free sign-up process.

• Electronic applications and e-signature.

• Add a payment method and never share it with wholesalers.

• Make offers on all products.

• Short-dated items.

• Multi-store login.

• Audit help.

• Track DSCSA/T3/pedigree documents.

• Connect your pharmacy software for inventory.

• Rewards on every generic purchase.

• Select primary connections available.

Markets Served

• Independent

• Long-Term Care

• Chain

• Hospital

• Closed Door

Trade Shows/Meetings Attended

• DiversifyRx


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