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CareMates | #1 Brand in Independent Retail Pharmacies!

Nitrile Examination Gloves

Use for USP800 Compliance, Chemotherapy, Infusion, Immunization, First Aid, Health Care, Baby/Elder/Diabetes Care, Food Handing, & More.

• Meets ASTM D6978 for Resistance to Permeation by 46 Chemotherapy

• Drugs and Permeation by Fentanyl Use for USP800 Compliance

• Glove of Choice for Compounding Pharmacies

Vytrile™ Examination Gloves

Use Vytrile for First Aid, Health Care, LT Care, Vaccinations, Diabetes Care, Baby Care, Food Handling, and more!

• Superior Replacement for Vinyl Gloves

• 3X Stronger than Vinyl Gloves

• 0% Viral Penetration

Available Through Amerisource, Cardinal/Kinray, McKesson, and Smith Drug | (630) 539-7790

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