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Southside Discount Drugs asserted, “Absolutely the best returns company I’ve used over 30 years.” Spring Park Pharmacy claimed, “Quick response time, easy online return process.” And Gordon’s Drug company conveyed, “Great pricing, people, and service. They are always on time and efficient.”

These are the reviews for Return Solutions, the preeminent medication returns and reconciliation company for independent pharmacies, regional chains, and health systems. Since 1992, they’ve processed hundreds of thousands of returns and issued approximately $1 billion in credit.

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More credits are in the works as Return Solutions changed its rate structure to give clients more options. They eliminated the 60-day option, and now clients can choose to receive credit in 10, 30, or 90 days. The 30-day rate for on-site and mail-in services will decrease by two percentage points. Hospitals and pharmacies can take advantage of this discounted rate on their next return and receive credit in 30 days.

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