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Veltek Associates Inc (VAI) offers a comprehensive contamination control program for cleanrooms, known as the “Full-Circle” approach. It’s the proven approach to safeguarding patients and staff when compounding sterile preparations. Every step in this approach is in accordance with USP <797> standards, ensuring a safe and compliant compounding environment.

VAI has the supplies to certify a pristine environment for every process and practice while compounding sterile products. Because before any work commences, the facilities team has pinpointed the source of contamination with the solutions and expertise from VAI to resolve the issue effectively.


VAI’s extensive product line encompasses everything needed for full compliance, including environmental monitoring equipment, laboratory services (including antimicrobial testing), saturated wipers, non-shedding dry wipers, sterile disinfectants, cleaning agents in various configurations, cleaning application equipment, personnel gowning solutions, and comprehensive consulting and training services.

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