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Tracking the Trail: Drug Diversion Software Combats Misappropriation

Simplify the complexity of examining controlled substance diversions. Monitor the entire supply chain of the pharmacy and identify and investigate suspected diversion activity. HelioMetrics executes these critical drug diversion strategies with unmatched software solutions that prevent medication misappropriation in health systems.

With no federal standards for drug diversion, the onus is on leadership to prevent drug diversion. HelioMetrics advances drug diversion programs by using logs from Electronic Health Record Systems (EHRs), Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADCs), and other pharmacy and IT systems, creating interactive visualizations to help identify diversion and other patient medication safety concerns in the facility.

heliometrics 2.png

HelioMetrics empowers management with actionable reports to dive deep into data, uncovering hidden patterns and behaviors that might have otherwise slipped under the radar. These key performance indicators serve as a compass, discerning whether the observed actions align with the predetermined, acceptable parameters. These insights help make informed decisions for increased patient safety and care.

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