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The SDS Rx Advantage

Pharmacy delivery services are paramount to health systems and long-term care facilities. These services streamline medication management by consistently supplying essential medications to these facilities, contributing to timely and needed patient care, and ensuring continuity of care.

Strategic Delivery Services (SDS Rx) serves as a valuable partner for hospitals and long-term care centers, offering the expertise and tools necessary to enhance the efficiency of their delivery processes. 


The foundation of top-tier patient care relies on precise pharmacy inventory management – understanding the availability, location, and anticipated medication delivery times. SDS Rx equips pharmacy teams with the necessary insights and capabilities to ensure this level of knowledge and coordination in healthcare delivery. 

With SDX Rx, customers receive advanced scanning and real-time tracking with an electronic chain of custody and proof of delivery. The online order management portal provides real-time performance measurements, proprietary ticketing, and incident reporting.

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