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Exceeding Standards With 503A

When it comes to compounding pharmacies, more than one type exists, and different regulations apply. A 503A compounding pharmacy prepares patient-specific prescriptions while adhering to USP 797 Guidelines but cannot produce large batches. 

AIS Healthcare takes pride in its cutting-edge 503A compounding pharmacies, ensuring unparalleled standards of excellence and compliance with regulations. Their experts deliver the latest innovations in compounding medicine with their proprietary equipment. 

AIS Healthcare hires a cadre of elite pharmacists and technicians whose expertise ensures precision when compounding medicines. Their team designed their quality and sterility processes in collaboration with industry experts. They also regularly reexamine workflows to uncover areas of potential improvement, ensuring high-quality medications to patients and providers.

With state-of-the-art 503A specialty compounding pharmacies, AIS Healthcare has fully redundant targeted drug delivery (TDD) operations. These facilities apply processes that combine aseptic processing with terminal sterilization on patient-specific formulary prescriptions to achieve unprecedented sterility assurance.

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